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By Mickaël Andrieu, Freelance - Website

By definition, a company that develops open source software can hardly sell it, since its sources are available and could very well be packaged by any third party or final user. Nevertheless, there are countless alternatives:

  • Launching services that share the base project ideas: Symfony does that with Blackfire, their trainings and their certifications;
  • Offer integration or third party maintenance services;
  • Provide a marketplace and partnerships, like Prestashop;
  • Have an Enterprise Edition with richer services. This solution is notably used by Akeneo PIM with Ask Franklin, formerly known as pim.ai and Akeneo Onboarder.

Working by yourself with Open Source can have a meaningful impact in your life:

  • Opens doors: expertise, technical writing reviews, trainings;
  • Publish and present to larger audiences;
  • Less social life and personal time, increased risks of burnout!

If you or your organization are interested in Open Source or its benefits, do not hesitate to open a GitHub account to submit PRs to the technologies you use every day. That way, you will add value to your profile while making the industry progress as a whole!